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Pami lying in the meadow with her dog

Contact information

For more information about purchasing animals or our products, please contact us.   

You can reach out to Kevin or Pamela for assistance.

Kevin: 0407631020

Pamela: 0427631020

a yellow minicooper driven by animals.

Admission prices

Adult: $20

Students/ Pension: $15

Children (under 12years old): $10

2x adult + 2x children = $50

Any more questions?

Thank you for your message!

1625 Qualen West Rd, Gilgering WA 6302

PetTeet Park opening hours:

Open on saturdays and sundays during the canola and sunflower flowering seasons.

Check out our social media for open dates! 


Phone: 0427631020


Phone: 0407631020

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