We are registered breeders of Maremmas – Guardian Livestock Dogs  (Membership number 13233).

The correct pronunciation is Mare (female horse) and Emma ( female name).

The aim of PetTeet Park’s breeding program is to produce a large-framed dog capable of pulling down foxes or any prey that threatens our livestock.

These wonderful dogs are loving, loyal, protective, and a delight to own.

As a large breed, Maremmas live for about 12 – 14 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can they be house trained? Yes, they are very clean indoors but shed white hairs during malting.
  • Are they destructive? Yes, they like to dig holes in sand and lay in it.
  • Do they make a good pet? Yes, they are very loyal and protective.
  • Do they need much exercise? Yes, they will need about 40 mins per day minimum.

Our founding Sire is Apostate Cyrus (registered).

We have two registered females: Glendawn A Skip in Time (Lilly; born 2014) and Mormarroma Dutchess Lola (Lola; born 2016) and one non-registered female (Ruth; born 2017).

Our current Sire is Leo (born 2019; not registered). He is the father of Lilly’s four puppies born on Valentine’s Day in 2021.

Leo has been a busy man and we suspect Lola and Ruth may be pregnant now or shortly!

Puppies will be vaccinated and microchipped prior to sale. Watch the puppies grow on Instagram!


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