Our journey into soap-making was born out of need with no soap at the shops during the COVID-19 pandemic. With lots of trial and error we have now perfected our two recipes (vegan and non-vegan) to produce a soap that has a beautiful lather and moisturises the skin.

Our vegan recipes contains olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter. Our non-vegan recipe contains olive oil, coconut oil and grass-fed beef tallow. Tallow is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K which produces a soap that provides skin-loving nutrients and lengthens the life of the bar. Some of our soaps also include activated charcoal which has benefits for your skin.

To get the most out of your soap, make sure it is elevated off the sink so it can dry between uses. When you get down to the small piece at the end of the bar, pop it in a soap bag to use it all up.

We’ve noticed since using only our own soap, our skin doesn’t dry out (even during summer!) so we don’t need to purchase body moisturisers any more. Your skin is your largest organ and we welcome you to join us is using our specially crafted homemade soaps 🙂

In the past two months, we have handcrafted 40 different soaps. The soaps will be going up for sale shortly and will also be available for purchase at the York Arts and Craft Fair in June 2021.

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Skin-loving tallow, coconut oil and shea butter blend soap. In our local team colours and scented with sandalwood fragrance oil.

Skin-loving tallow, coconut oil and shea butter blend soap. 

Skin-loving tallow, coconut oil and shea butter blend soap. Dedicated to Craig with his favourite team colours and scented with Berry Delightful fragrance oil.

Non-vegan orange and poppy seed soap with activated charcoal topping. Fragranced with sweet orange essential oil.

Tri-layered soap scented with sandalwood.



Skin-loving combination of olive oil, coconut oil and grass-fed tallow from our farm. Black layers are activated charcoal. Scented with blackberry lavender.














Beach Vibes – vegan soap scented with Clean Linen.








Maremma-inspired soaps

Sunflower Soapery

Handcrafted soaps

Hot as Hades – vegan soap scented with frangipani and jasmine.

Copper & Blue Swirl – non-vegan soap scented with French Lavender.

Cappuccino with a shot of caramel! Non-vegan soap scented with real coffee and vanilla caramel.

In the pot neon swirl – Vegan soap scented with Bergamot essential oil.

Orange & Green stripes – fragrance-free non-vegan soap.

Galaxy Erupts – vegan soap scented with jasmine, frangipani and sweet orange.

Oliver’s Choice – vegan soap scented with Blackberry Lavender.

Heart Imbed Soap – vegan soap scented with jasmine and sandalwood.

It’s not chocolate! Non-vegan soap scented with Cocoa Therapy with beeswax imbed. Do not eat!

Confetti Blues – non-vegan soap scented with Clean Linen.

Rainbow – non-vegan soap scented with Lemon and Lavender. Fresh!

Aussie Dream – vegan soap scented with avocado and mint.

Watermelon High – non-vegan soap scented with sandalwood, jasmine and sweet orange.

Packaged vegan soaps.

Packaged non-vegan soaps.

Packaged vegan soaps.

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