PetTeet Park is embarking on a new project, to breed the Italian Sheep Dog or Maremmano- Abruzzese ( as they are known in Italy)

They are known here as Maremma’s . The correct pronunciation is Mare(female horse) and Emma ( female name)

These wonderful dogs are loving, loyal,protective, kind and affectionate and a delight to own.

They live for about 12 – 14 years


  • Can they be house trained?            Yes they are very clean indoors
  • Are they destructive?                       Yes they like to dig holes in sand and lay in it
  • Do they make a good pet?                Yes they are a great pet
  • Do they need much exercise?          Yes they will need approx 40 mins per day minimum if in suburbia


We have our founding Sire Apostate Cyrus: registered

And females Glendawn a skip in time ( Lilly):registered

and Mormarroma Dutchess Lola ( Lola):registered





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