“What a joy young Bailey is.  He is doing great and every where is goes he is jumping and prancing along.  He let us know when he is hungry, just stands at the fly screen door and yells his little head off.  Our 16 year old daughter has adopted him as her own and if he hears her voice he crys out for her. Bailey still sleeps in the laundry because we think he is too small to be in the barn.  He does go in the paddock with our other goat and sheep but can still fit through the opening next to the gate so he comes and goes as he pleases.This afternoon we went to the vet and she sedated him and then done his horns for us as well as gave him his first vaccination.  He was very brave. So, once again, thank you so much for letting us care for this little man.  His is very loved by all.”


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