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Kevin and Pam at the end of Canola 2019

About us

Pam and Kevin Johnson, true West Australians at heart, have roots deeply embedded in the farming landscapes of Western Australia. After navigating through various careers, they embraced a new chapter in 2008, opting for a "retirement" that led them to a property near Perth, close to their children and grandchildren. Their shared passion for breeding miniature animals and restoring breed lines to their original size reflects a commitment to practicality. Convinced that smaller animals are more manageable for modest properties, novice farmers, and those not necessarily young or athletically inclined, Pam and Kevin embarked on a mission to revolutionize traditional farming practices. Indeed, their farm's name is "PetTeet Park" which is a play on words hinting at the petite size of their animals.

PetTeet Park logo

About PetTeet Park

Beyond their dedication to miniature breeding, the dynamic duo has transformed their property into a multifaceted venture. Recognising the potential to contribute to the local community, they integrated a tourism component. Visitors now flock to their farm to witness the vibrant spectacle of blooming flowers and captivating animals. More than a mere attraction, the farm serves as an educational hub, enlightening visitors about farming practices. This strategic move not only enhances the overall visitor experience but also plays a pivotal role in boosting local tourism in the picturesque Western Australian towns of York and Beverley.

In addition to their diverse endeavours, Pam and Kevin offer an array of quality PetTeet Park Produce, showcasing the bounty of their labour. From pasture-raised chicken eggs to meticulously crafted homemade soap, candles, and honey sourced from their own apiary, each product emanates a genuine commitment to quality and sustainability. Pam and Kevin's venture at PetTeet Park is more than a retirement; it's a transformative journey that resonates with a profound sense of purpose, leaving an indelible mark on both the farming landscape and local tourism industry.

About PetTeet Park
Karton Eier


$6.00 per 1 dozen

To be found in the small fridge to the left of our front entrance gates.

Cash only at gate, no change available.


Seasonal fruit and vegies

Seasonal fruit and vegies when available

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