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yellow minicooper driven by petide animals

PetTeet Park 

sunflower field | canola field | petite animals and farm fresh products
Welcome to PetTeet Park!
Explore the enchanting PetTeet Park and its picturesque surroundings of sunflower and canola field near Perth.
Enjoy relaxing walks through our beautiful sunflower and canola field (seasonal). Take a look at what we have to offer and plan your next trip to the great outdoors!
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field of sunflowers
Sunflowers season 2024

This year we have a beautiful sunflower field where you can take a walk and take beautiful photos.

Visit us and find out more about our animals and products.

Check out our social media for open dates!

Sunflower Festival Dates!
Friday 29 March- Monday 1 April
Gates open at 11am
Exit property by 5pm

PetTeet Park is strictly a no-smoking/no-vaping site.

Sunflower rows are at least 1 meter apart to allow for pram and wheelchair access. 

Customers can take 1 sunflower head/person after 2pm on Monday 1 April. Before that time, all sunflowers must remain intact at PetTeet Park.

PetTeet Park is a working farm so fences are electric, animals are not trained and poo, so do not touch fences and watch your step (and your children!).

Photographers wishing to conduct business on our private property will need to speak to Kevin on 0407 631 020 before making any arrangements with their customers.

Kevin and Pam at the end of Canola 2019
Canola season

This year you can also admire our beautiful canola field again, where you can take a walk, pet the animals and take beautiful photos. 

Visit us and learn more about our animals and products.

Check out our social media for open dates!

STARTS Aug.-Sept. 2024
full egg packaging of fresh eggs
Fresh farm eggs

Free Range Eggs.

$6.00 per 1 dozen

To be found in the small fridge to the left of our front entrance gates.

Cash only at gate, no change available.

handcrafted soaps

Introducing our luxurious handcrafted soaps, available in both vegan and non-vegan options. 

fresh seasonal fruit and vegies (when available).

Seasonal fruit and vegies when available

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